The Top 10 Benefits of Living in a Well-Managed HOA

  1. Well-maintained amenities – well manicured common area lawns, lighting that works, clean play areas, etc.

2. Increased amenities – lots of amenities, such as walking trails, sport courts, swimming pools, treed areas and neighborhood parks

3. Aesthetically pleasing homes – well maintained homes and lawns

4. Rules and regulations deter nuisance activity and promote conformity –

5. Added layer of support in dealing with neighborhood property issues – HOA may partner with municipal code compliance departments to ensure adherence to the rules

6. Community bonding and communication among neighbors – creating the spirit of community

7. Increased community pride – that feeling of belonging and being happy each time you enter your community

8. Financial stability – a well-managed association has a reserve study in place and funds available for future repairs and capital improvements

9. TLC – community common areas are cared for by trained professionals

10. Properly protected property values – a well-managed HOA is one where the board of directors are very active, committee members are active in the community, and the business of the association is available to the owners through a website and newsletter. Information and transparency is easily available to the owners.

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