Team Approach
Team Approach to Community Management

ACM’s philosophy and approach to community management is to assign a team of professionals to each client community. These professionals include a Community Manager and Assistant Community Manager.  

Community Manager/Assistant Community Managers

Our managers are the primary contact with members of the community’s board, homeowners, contractors and others serving the association. They are responsible for inspecting their assigned communities on a frequent basis, handling correspondence, creating work orders and monitoring work through completion, solicitation of bids, processing applications for exterior modifications, preparation for and attending board meetings, preparation and presentation of monthly financial reports, and completion of action items for their communities.

Our accountants provide full accounting services in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Their services include invoicing and collection of dues, review and payment of vendor invoices, interaction with title companies, maintenance of bank accounts, production of financial reports, follow-up with all delinquent accounts, and interaction with CPAs during annual audits.

Website Design and Maintenance

Our team of graphics professionals design websites for our clients and maintain the uploading of information to each community’s site. Our websites are designed so that, at any time, we can send our emergency email bulletins to members of a community. This announcement feature is also useful in situations that are not emergencies, but allow us to communicate with community members about maintenance, status of snow removal services, meeting reminders and other information relevant to the community.

Administrative Professionals

Our administrative professionals provide a wide range of services including scheduling of all board meetings, collection of certificates of insurance for all contractors performing work for our clients, review of each client's insurance to confirm compliance with laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, issuance of parking decals and tags (if applicable), updating of management software and much more.