Property Inspections

Property Inspections

Part of a community management company's job is to periodically inspect the common areas of the community. Also part of the job is to inspect each homeowner's property for potential "violations" of the association's covenants, conditions and restrictions. When an owner in Virginia purchases a property within a planned unit development, they automatically become a member of the ruling association (which may be either a homeowners association or a condominium association). Those who live in a homeowners association are responsible for the upkeep to their property and certain other maintenance rules, depending on the governing documents.

Your manager's goal is to maintain and improve the value of property in the community. If everyone's property is maintained well and rules are followed, it raises every owner's property value.

At ACM the frequency of our inspections is directed by the contractual arrangements with each client. Generally, our inspections are done monthly, every two weeks or weekly. We inspect more frequently during the mowing season, because a large part of the inspection is to confirm that each resident is mowing their property. We try not to inspect at the end of the week, because we know that many residents mow on the weekends.

Another inspection performed by ACM is the annual property inspection. This is generally a more thorough inspection of each property and the types of things we notice are: wood trim that has rotted and needs to be replaced and painted; front door and shutters that need painting; missing shutters; mold and algae on foundation walls and siding; cracks in driveways that need to be repaired; broken windows or screens; general power washing needed; and repairs needed to mailboxes and mailbox posts. 

Included on letters mailed to owners is a color photograph of the violation or the item which needs to be repaired