Community Building Services

Community Building Services

ACM plays a key role in building a sense of community pride. We also strive to positively affect members’ perceptions of their association through consistent communications and attention to community details. We believe there is a big difference between living in a community and being part of that community. Being part of your community means sharing with your neighbors a common desire to promote harmony, contentment, and community spirit.

In order to increase community involvement and volunteer effort, we focus on a comprehensive communications program to educate members and provide them with a better understanding of association life. We use tools such as the association’s newsletter and provide the association with the option of a community website. Our community websites provide members with convenience and accessibility to association information and activities.

To promote community spirit, we will provide your Board and committee members with a series of proven activities designed to increase community involvement and volunteer effort. This is just one of the added benefits that ACM offers to its clients.

We encourage our clients to schedule an annual leadership development meeting. The leadership meeting is open to all Board members and committee chairs. The program is set up to outline the short- and long-term goals of the Association. This establishes a common set of goals for the community volunteers. It also educates the volunteers about the services we provide and ways we can assist them in carrying out their activities. Most importantly, it keeps the association on track with the accomplishments of the previous board and the association’s goals for the future.
Don't have annual meetings like this

Annual meeting with community involvement

We also work closely with the Board to establish an educational conference for new Board members. This allows new Board members to be “up to speed” with all the details of board activities.

Community involvement is very important for each association. ACM will work diligently to encourage member participation.